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Marjan Television Network

The world on your screen

About MTN

At Marjan Television Network Ltd we are open to new opportunities and ways of thinking to present the very best in fresh and original Persian language programming. ManotoTV, our flagship channel, is broadcasted daily from London via free to air satellite to over 40 million viewers across Europe and the Middle East. 

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The biggest moments

in Persian television history


  • Over 3.4 million monthly visits

  • Up to 30 million monthly streams

  • Over 1 million hour monthly watch time


  • Over 9M Instagram followes

  • Over 89M hours YouTube watch time

  • Over 484M YouTube views


  • Available on Android & iOS

  • 2M App downloads

  • Available worldwide


  • 60% commission production

  • Most popular Persian TV channel (2020)

Commissions & Acquisitions

Manoto creates innovative and exciting new shows in-house and through commissions. The rest of our output includes handpicked programmes licensed from some of the biggest distributors and producers worldwide.

Acquisitions range from blockbuster dramas such as Peaky Blinders and Victoria, to factual programmes such as I Am A Doctor and natural history such as Blue Planet II.

Watch Your Favorite All Time

For the busy modern viewer who spends more time outside and on the go rather than at home and on the sofa, Manoto has a very strong online presence with around the clock live streaming as well as on demand viewing from any PC, tablet or mobile.

Download the Manoto TV App

For Android click here

For iOS click here


Join MTN
and build your incredible career

It’s where you can be yourself and be your best - whoever you are. A place where everyone can learn, develop, grow, and build a career that’s just as incredible as our business.

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Advertise and Sponsorship in MTN

Advertise & Sponsorship

Bring your brand to millions of Persian speakers around the globe.

Many big brands have selected our TV channel as a primary media partner to deliver its advertising message to regional businesses. Manoto TV is the premier business media in the region viewed by over 25 million people.

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