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About MTN

At Marjan Television Network Ltd we are open to new ways of thinking and the perspectives of others to present the very best in fresh and original Persian language programming. ManotoTV, our flagship channel, is broadcasted daily from London via free to air satellite to over 40 million viewers across Europe and the Middle East.


Our company creates a variety of in-house and commissioned programmes which are then premiered on ManotoTV alongside licensed content from some of the biggest international distributors and programme providers. As a channel and network we aspire to enable people to voice their perspectives, providing opportunities for equality and diversity in everything we do.



Manoto is a pioneering TV brand, pushing the boundaries of World Class Persian television.

We believe life is richer when you’re open to the perspectives and stories of each other. And that’s our promise to you; to always be open.

To new voices, ideas and opinions. To new ways of entertaining and thinking. To new opportunities for learning and laughing.

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