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Bring your brand to millions of Persian speakers around the globe...

Many big brands have selected our TV channel as a primary media partner to deliver its advertising message to regional businesses. Manoto TV is the premier business media in the region viewed by over 25 million people.

Whether for one-off campaigns or ongoing brand awareness, advertising with Manoto gives you access to a huge, diverse and receptive audience. Nearly 30% of Iranian households watch Manoto – with many more tuning in on PC, tablet and mobile worldwide.

It's an audience base not easily reached through other channels.

Our programming schedule attracts a broad demographic, with shows covering:

  • Sports

  • Music

  • Family entertainment

  • "Prime-time" talent shows and competitions

  • Factual

  • Women's interest issues

  • ...and many more.

More than 60% of our broadcast consists of original content, including the smash hits Stage and Shabake Nim. We also purchase some of the most successful UK and US shows, from Planet Earth and Poirot, to Mr. Robot and Roots.

As an alternative to advertising slots, you may be interested in our sponsorship packages and product placement opportunities.

Why advertise with Manoto?

  • Loyal fanbase of more than 40 million viewers

  • Big name shows, both international and original Persian language

  • Diverse demographic

  • Associated with fresh, energetic and cutting-edge programming

  • 120 million viewer reach

  • Over 4.2 million Facebook fans

  • Over 9 million Instagram followers

  • Over 484 million YouTube views

For rates, demographic data and other information, please send an email to:

Call +44 203 151 5040     

Product Placement

The latest trend in advertising is to make it, well, less advertorial. The tendency is to move away from in-your-face ads, where your product is used in real-life scenarios or just hovering in the background.


It is an advertising technique used by companies to delicately promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique. A very indirect, yet effective form of advertising.


With the amazing amount and variety of programming within Manoto, there are product placement opportunities for every brand and categories.

Call or Email us now, to discuss best product placement options for your brand. 



Advert at marjan TV network


A strategic link between the brand and program is the key. We understand the strategy.

We make your brand recognised by associating you with an iconic Manoto program, bringing you into the hearts of our loyal fans.

Sponsoring a show allows you to place a series of short credit sequences around a program, featuring your logo and message. Depending on your needs, Manoto provides exclusive Sponsorship packages for your brand.

Click Here to see the available programs up for Sponsorship on Manoto TV.


  • Production and broadcast of 5 seconds stings and bumpers, introducing the program’s sponsor.

  • Sponsor’s logo on screens corner, at the start of the show.

  • Production and broadcast of sponsor’s commercial video before, after and within the sponsored program.

  • Special thanks to Sponsor at the end credits of the show.

  • All the above points will apply to program’s repeats (3 repeats per episode)

  • All the above points will travel with the show, wherever it goes. This includes Manoto’s website and most popular social channels. 


Sponsorship provides brands with the opportunity to get closer to content by allowing direct association with programs, strands or entire channels

With such a range and depth of programming, there is a solution for any brief and any budget.  As well as delivering innovative and bespoke sponsorship solutions, Manoto analyses the performance and effectiveness to get the most out of your campaign.

Sponsorship Marjan TV network

Whether you would just like to talk to us about advertising opportunities with Manoto, or start planning out a future campaign, we’d be delighted to talk about your requirements and help you to meet your objectives. Call or email us now

+44 203 151 5040

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