Product Placement

The latest trend in advertising is to make it, well, less advertorial. The tendency is to move away from in-your-face ads, where your product is used in real-life scenarios or just hovering in the background.


It is an advertising technique used by companies to delicately promote their products through a non-traditional advertising technique. A very indirect, yet effective form of advertising.


With the amazing amount and variety of programming within Manoto, there are product placement opportunities for every brand and categories.

Call or Email us now, to discuss best product placement options for your brand. 



Product Placement

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For the busy modern viewer who spends more time outside and on the go rather than at home and on the sofa, Manoto has a very strong online presence with around the clock live streaming as well as on demand viewing from any PC, tablet or mobile. We currently have 300,000 active daily users which comes to an average of 1,800,000  monthly page views. Our Facebook has 3 Million fans and Youtube channel has reached 65 Million video views in just under 5 years and continues to grow daily.


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