The Singing Bee

Each episode, 4 contestants compete against each other for a grand prize of $10,000. Participants will have to “sing in the blanks” when presented with a particular song to proceed to the next level. Our live band and dancers on the floor will also be there to entertain the audience.

Doomsday: 10 Ways the World will End

The apocalyptic disasters that occurred in the past are so catastrophic that could end the life on earth as we know it today. Will you be ready to survive massive asteroid impacts or volcanic hyper eruptions? Will you be ready to face sudden energy blasts from outer space?

Planet Earth II

Marjan Television presents its viewers with elusive animal behaviours and previously inaccessible remote landscapes. In addition to exploring the wilderness, the series examines urban dwellings, focusing on animals that have adapted to city life.

Barbarians Rising

As the Roman Empire expands, it encounters local populations that it considers 'barbarians', who fight back, effectively and savagely, dealing Rome one blow after another. Hannibal, Viriathus, Armenius, Spartacus and more strike back against Rome, some from without and some from within. See their struggles, their motivations, and the outcomes as these indigenous people's fight for survival, revenge and justice.


Initially a staple of the Manoto TV newsroom, Reportage is a standalone weekly half-hour show, expanding on the highly popular format. Reportage aims to engage and inform viewers on important current affairs.

Fear Thy Neighbor

True crime show about conflicts between neighbors that go terribly wrong.

In-House Documentaries

Our network offers audiences a rich repertoire of commissioned in-house documentaries covering a wide range of topics, from political history to the arts.

Roo Be Roo

Manoto's brand new weekly debate show, featuring expert commentators who are committed to discussing honestly and freely the current topics that matter to them and to the viewers. Roo be Roo has a pool of 10 presenters, 5 of whom appear on each episode.


Sara & Maral brings music from Iran and all over the world to the homes of our viewers, every Monday only on Manoto!

Manoto Plus

For one hour a day, five days a week this prime time magazine-style program looks at a topical stories from around the world. With some in-depth segments, as well as more light-hearted material, the show attracts big name Iranian celebrity guests and a loyal following.

Time Tunnel

We travel through the Time Tunnel with Panta, taking us back to the former years of Iran, remembering and celebrating culture, politics and the arts of years past, through the rediscovery of images, videos and articles from our archive.

Commissions & Acquisitions

Here at Marjan TV Network as well creating a plethora of in house and commissioned programmes we invest in licensing a large variety of programmes from some of the biggest distributors and programme providers. We are always open to receiving pilots and treatments for programmes which fit the Manoto framework. If your are a distributor or independent producer with a product which fits our criteria please get in contact on +44 203 151 5030 or email us at [email protected].

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